Sunday, December 23, 2007

Selection 14 - The Frogs by Aristophanes

Reference: The Frogs Wikipedia Entry

Source: The Frogs at Project Gutenberg

Background: We already discussed Aristophanes background when discussing "The Clouds". The main difference in the background of The Frogs is Athens has just been dealt a major defeat in the Peloponnesian War and that is referenced in play itself.

Discussion:Generally I don't like this play as well as I liked "The Clouds". I found that it wasn't as funny both in content and in the manner in which it is presented. There just seems to be a harder edge here. There are a couple good moments of slapstick, not quite Three Stooges quality but still funny.

On the serious side Aristophanes continues his defense of the traditional ways, and given that the play won the contest I would guess that he had some support in that position, but I think we can agree that is a battle he ultimately lost.

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