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Selection 12 - Book of Isaiah


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Discussion: I actually started this selection back in May and rapidly became bored wit it. I started it again about a month ago and have struggled to complete this reading. I was working on the version in the King James bible and just could not make any progress. I would make it through a page and my head would feel like it was going to explode. A couple of weeks ago I thought well maybe it will make more sense if I hear this instead of read it so I got an audio version and have been listening to it also. No help. I just drift off and lose track of what is going on. Finally tonight I tried the New American Bible and what a difference. I am up to chapter 10 after an hour of reading and I am actually able to take some notes and understand what is going on. The only problem is I feel like I am cheating. I don't know why it's not like God personally blessed the King James version but still it is the traditionally accepted version in America so I feel guilty.

So anyway on to the story.

From what I have read so far the Book of Isaiah is the story of the destruction and redemption of the people of Israel after they have turned away from their covenant with God. So far in chapters 1 through 9 God has declared his anger against the people of Judah and Jerusalem for their wickedness, including idol worship. He has also shown his power by preserving them in the face of attack by Assyria and Ephraim. He has offered chances for redemption bust so far they have been rejected.

[An interesting aside (at least it is to me) I did a blogsearch to see if others were having the same problems with the Book of Isaiah that I have been having. No one else is claiming too but I found out that a copy of the Book of Isaiah was recovered with the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947. It dated from 125 BC and is essentially the same as the version in the current Bible.]

Updated 11 Oct 2007

Finished the King James version but all I really gathered from it was that God was pissed so he killed almost everybody, then after letting people suffer awhile he forgave then survivors. I don't quite think that is what I am supposed to be gathering here. I am continuing with the New American Bible version up to chapter 25 there. but I am also starting with Aristophanes.

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Dr. T said...

The King James Version is difficult for two reasons: it's in Shakespearean age English, and the translators tried to make it grammatically as similar to the Hebrew as possible. However, once you get used to it, it's worth it, since there are some places where the KJV is much more accurate than any other translation. For example, there's two places that talk about satyrs. I looked it up in various other translations, and the Hebrew word gets translated as "goat." But when I looked up the Hebrew word, it meant a half-man, half-goat spirit. Sounds like a satyr (and not a goat) to me. I don't trust any translation that doesn't have the guts to say the Bible argues that satyrs exist.