Friday, May 18, 2007

Selection 11 - Antigone

References: Sophocles Wikipedia Entry, Antigone Wikipedia Entry, Theban Plays Wikipedia Entry

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Discussion: The first of Sophocles Theban plays Antigone is also the most meaningful in my opinion. This play is a story of conflict, between the laws of men and the laws of the gods, between family and the state, and between the law and justice. Creon represents the state, and the law and is bullheaded, arrogant, and cruel. Antigone is the family, the gods and justice and while she is also bullheaded she is clearly in the right, and she is willing to die for that. The fact that she is undermines and ultimately destroys Creon's position and while she does die her victory serves a purpose in hopefully restoring Thebes.

Once again nothing new or spectacular in my analysis but it's another notch in the bookcase.

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