Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Selection 10 - Oedipus Rex

References - Sophocles Wikipedia entry, Theban plays Wikipedia entry

Selections - Free at classics.mit.edu or available at Amazon.com.

Discussion - So far I am only about 10 pages into the play but I can already spot some differences from the Oresteia. There isn't as much action with the chorus and in my mind the flow of everything seems smoother because of it. Or maybe the chorus just isn't as long winded and boring?

Updated 3/11/07 - I finished the play this evening. It may only be the translation but it was so much easier to read than any of the Oresteia trilogy. I'm not real sure of what the underlying message of the play was though.

As near as I can tell Oedipus did nothing personally to offend the God's. He just seems to be condemned to his fate for some non-specific reason and nothing he does will change his fate. This may be a statement regarding the folly of relying on the God's to provide. I can't decide.

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