Sunday, November 19, 2006

Selection 8 - The Book of Job

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Selections: King James Version at Wikisource

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Discussion:  I don't really know a lot about The Book of  Job.  The way I remember being taught about it as a kid is, "Even though Job was suffering he maintained his faith in God and therefore in the end he was rewarded." 

Later I heard it analyzed as proof that God's will was unknowable and therefore we should just accept it.  I have also heard it used to show the capriciousness of God and as a justification for behavior that is generally considered unacceptable.  I haven't made it all the way thru the selection yet, but at this point I would have to go with the last one. 

So far we have a "Trading Places"  scenario.  God and Satan are having an argument and to prove his point God gives Satan permission to ruin a man's life, even allowing his family to be killed.  After misfortune befalls Job his friends assume the worst about him, until finally the truth is revealed.  (I haven't actually read that far yet I am just to the point where his friends are condemning him).

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