Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Selection 4 - The Iliad

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Chad said...

Well I am off to a good start. I made it thru the list of ships and captains, and Paris has now embarrased himself, by losing his battle with Helen's ex and the being transported away by a goddess.

Chad said...

Halfway done. Achilles is still being a butt, having refused the embassy from Aegammenon. I have decided that Homer had a foot fetish, every other line he is talking about someones comely feet, and he wanted to be a fashion designer since he spends a lot of time describing clothes.

Chad said...

another section complete. Achilles is a jackass and a braggart. I haven't seen any evidence that he and Patroclus were lover's but if they were Patroclus had a serious self esteem problem. Actually all these heroes are jerks. Lots of good battles though.

Chad said...

Well another one bites the dust. If the Greeks were the heroes of Homer's story I feel sorry for the people who lived back then. What a bunch of self-indulgent, whining, mean assholes.